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Carbon Boom

“To build on our industry leading sails and masts, we are very excited to offer a premium carbon boom to our team riders and customers. The stiffness, bend curve, grip and attention to detail on our new booms speaks to Avanti’s commitment to performance.”

– Dennis Boisen

Slalom, Wave & Freestyle

To complement the Avanti Sail range, a full carbon boom range has been introduced in 2019. All future sails are been developed on these Avanti booms and greatly benefits from the being used together.

  • Black Avanti logo is die cut in the EVA grip, no fading.

  • Mini Avanti logo’s are heat stamped to give a texture to the main area of the boom


210-260 / 190-240 / 170-220

  • Three slalom boom sizes give the sailor power and control over the rig while maintaining the best stance over the board.
  • Wide boom backends are a key feature of this range. Wide profiled booms, allow for fuller sail designs increasing stability and overall performance.
  • The booms are developed such that you can ride a wider boom on smaller sized sail for added power and stability.
  • Double pin clips for a strong durable connection between the main front section and the adjustable back-end
  • The sizes 210 and 190 are with oversized back end tube diameters for extra rigidity whilst keeping the weight down.
  • Small tubular diameters of just 29mm in the grip area, ensures a comfortable product.

Wave & Freestyle

140-200 / 150-210

  • Two boom sizes are available for wave sailing and freestyle.
  • The booms are formed to provide a even stance over the board and improved rig handling for new school wave and freestyle manoeuvres
  • Reduced tubular diameters of just 25mm, ensures a comfortable grip

Boom Illustrations

Dia 32

Dia 32

Dia 31

Dia 28

Dia 28


140 - 200282.40Full Carbon
150 - 210282.50Full Carbon
170 - 220312.70Full Carbon
190 - 240323.00Full Carbon
210 - 260323.50Full Carbon