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Man has dreamed of flight for eons

From the effortless soaring of a hawk, to the acrobatic flight of a barn swallow, our imaginations have been held captive by nature’s magic. From primitive gliders, to our most advanced tactical aircraft, we have relentlessly pursued, and been bewitched by the freedom of flight.

Avanti is proud to offer a product painstakingly developed to bring you ever closer to the limitless realm of our feathered friends. We know riding a foil is special. Some compare the feeling to floating in bottomless powder. Others marvel at the efficiency of slicing smoothly above a turbulent sea. After 24 months of development, and backed by a deep history in foil-bourne craft, Avanti is proud to introduce ICARUS.

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My personal background in foiling gave me an edge in approaching ICARUS. There is a lot of history from which I have pulled ideas. In boardsports, my first blush with bulky aluminum foils dates back decades. More recently I became obsessed with the moth dinghy and kite foil setups. We are really excited to take all those hard earned lessons of apparent-wind sailing from our whole team and pour them into a windsurf sail which is truly special.

– Dan Kaseler


– Develop a high-performance recreational foil sail targeting the real-world rider.
– Completely redefine low-wind windsurfing by maximizing rig efficiency.
– Fine tune foil shapes and twist flows specific for apparent-wind sailing.
– Prioritize ease of rotation and handling, for smooth easy transitions.

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Membrane Technology

We started with our own exclusive, ultra-light membrane construction. Proven, copied and ranked, our membrane is engineered to distribute loads evenly and appropriately throughout the sail skin in a way that traditional paneled sails cannot replicate. We call this Smart Load Technology; fiber and strength where you need it, weight savings where you don’t.

Performance & Durability

Reduced Batten Count. Less battens means less weight. Skeletal structure is derived from the membrane itself and the careful placement of loads within the sail skin.

Soft Battens. Softer batten profiles let sail foil round out with some return in the leech plate. This provides more lift per square meter, allowing riders to rig small and achieve better sail shapes in lulls.

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Less Twist. A straighter leech increases drive and power dramatically. Altogether the sail shaping works in harmony with itself, allowing takeoff at super-low wind speeds.

Camber Induced. Utilizing cambers throughout results in a super even leading edge foil top to bottom. Rotation is effortless with our Avanti ARC Cams carefully balanced with extra light pressure.

Advanced Features

Extra Wide Boom Opening. It is easy to over-run one’s wind on a foilboard, especially when driving downwind and into a jibe. Being able to comfortably grab the mast above boom mid-maneuver is a huge benefit. With a comfortable hand on the mast, one can actively push the clew around and avoid an unwanted splash-down.
No Sock Centre Seam. Our single piece leading edge sock panel with no centre sock seam reduces turbulence and adds durability.

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Maximum Weight Reduction

Ultra lightweight. Feather Weight Construction puts this sail’s weight 15-20% under industry standard.

Visibility. Cobra Vision Window yields good visibility while maintaining the integrity of the membrane in critical high-stress areas.

Lightweight Components

Nylatron Tack Pulley. Super lightweight ‘Nylatron’ tack pulley wheels save weight and allow easy downhauling.

Kevlar Reinforced Fairings. Reinforced head and tack fairings give maximum durability against abrasion.

Sail Foot

Extended Toughness

  • Helix Leech Plys minimize cyclical flexing along a given line and extend toughness of leech.
  • Teijin 8083 luff sleeve material gives excellent durability and repels water.


Icarus Action
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