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Windsurfing Jahrbuch 2017- Viper 5.0 in test

By May 4, 2017No Comments
Windsurfing Jahrbuch 2017- Viper 5.0 in test

As with with the Fenix, the test team from the Windsurfing Jahrbuch in Germany had the chance to test the new 2017 Viper in the size 5.0
A five batten classic, which has proven its place in the Avanti Sail range time and time again, but this time in the hands of a group of young riders giving us their verdict on the Viper, and as always we have translated the test for you into English here below,

Test translation:

ON LAND In addition to the Fenix, we have the Avanti five-batten Wavesail
Viper in the test and also this sail shines with a superior weight advantage.
The aramid threads incorporated into the sail laminate is one of the most striking
features of this sail. These strings are laid based on the load on the sail area and designed to offer optimal elasticity and twist characteristics. The other features of the Avanti sail is functional, but by no means overloaded:
The mast protector is large and easily accessible, sailtop and batten ends are reinforced with Kevlar to ensure adequate protection. The profile of the Viper is rather unobtrusive: the battens have a little pre-defined profile and all are evenly distributed.  This sail does not have a soft dacron panel along the mast sleeve.
ON THE WATER The Viper right away provides more drive  than his radical brother The Fenix ​​and outperforms the Fenix s well in early planing ability.
The membrane material functions very effectively in all phases of acceleration and gives the rider good feedback, without it becoming excessive.
So you get really fast with the sail at considerable speed and especially when overpowered does the Avanti shine with first-class control. All this makes the five-batten Avanti a first-class partner for side-on Conditions and jumping. For a sail with such power reserves, the Viper handling of this sail is really impressive. The sail lets you direct its precisely on the wave  and delivers enough drive for powerful turns, though sailors with ambitions for New School manoeuvres and freestyle should go for the Fenix.
In classical Baltic Sea conditions the Viper shines in all in.

CONCLUSIONS The Avanti sails are a real pleasure, they are light and  are on the water a faithful companion.
The Viper is adjusted quite tightly and therefore does not seem quite as powerful as on the first meters as some of the competitor brands. However, the more the wind increases, the more the Viper shines through. The pressure point always remains the same, even in the strongest gusts whilst the top twists pleasantly. In this way, the Viper creates a almost impossible ‘Hard to beat’ windrange.
Only those who seek extreme neutrality and maximum handling, would be even happier with the Avanti Fenix.

Avanti calls this sail “Classic Wave”, and the Viper is just that.
A classic wavesail with maximum windrange and first-class handling.

End of translation.

To learn more about the Viper, visit our product page here  VIPER