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One step closer

Years ago he was predicted to be one of the absolute new stars on the PWA tour,
A never-ending hunger to fulfil his goal of being world Champion, supported by sponsors and with loads of local support from home. Youp Schmit was propelled into stardom from an early age.

As fate would unfortunately have it, Youp suffered a very bad knee injury which momentarily stopped him in reaching his goal and for a while took his breath away.
During his injury sponsorships fell away, but but the desire to win, stayed with Youp who worked hard to get back in form.

At the same time, we at Avanti established this new windsurf sail brand and this is when Youp joined our team.
The ever-smiling young rider had landed with us and we were, and still are so very proud to have this icon of freestyle representing our brand on the world stage.

We have all had our struggles over the years.
Things have not always gone the way we wanted them to.
But as we have learned together, then you can want something so bad; It doesn’t matter how difficult or impossibe the obstacles are, if you power your way through you will get to where you want to be!!

Youp, this season is yours. You are on your way, and you are now definately one step closer to where you have always wanted to be!

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