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Julien Mas

Julien’s 2015 SYLT Bonanza!

By October 13, 2015February 17th, 2016No Comments
Julien’s 2015 SYLT Bonanza!

Another great Windsurf Worldcup just ended on Sylt!

Even if we had a whole ten days without Wind and therefore we had Tow In and SUP competitions, it was definitely a nice event. After some years of competing here, I can say that it is always nice to come back to Sylt, particularly for the amazing spectators we got on the beach which really cheer for us no matter which discipline is going on! It was also nice to see that every year the event is getting nicer and make you feel comfortable as a rider: great food, a friendly helpful staff and a comfy tent to rest or chill between the heats?


I came to Sylt by van, so I was able to bring 4 sails (my 2016 Avanti Echo me 4.0/ 4.4/ 4.8 /5.2) and 2 boards (JP Freestyle in 92 and 85 L). On Sylt you have to be prepared for every condition, but for this year I was feeling that wind wouldn?t play the game?But still, to get ready for this event, I stopped sugar drinks, and focused on a  balanced diet, had gym and yoga at least 3 times a week and started some acupuncture to keep a level head.

The first competition we had was a SUP race in teams. It was perfect to break the boring no wind days! Sarah-Quitta Offringa, Jules Denel, Antoine Albert, Albert Martin, Sam Esteve and me reached the 3rd place paddling as much as we could, pushed by an unstoppable on fire screaming Jules Denel! What a Team!

I qualified for both of the extra Tow-In competitions getting 1st and 6th place, a good result to be prepared for the finals, where I finished 3rd and 4th! I really do like Tow-in and I think that it is great to offer something to the audience and riders when there is no wind, but I must admit that I am a bit disappointed of not getting concise information about the judgment?

Moves getting a lot of points on one day, don?t get the same the next day, in some rounds crashed moves doesn?t count, in the next one suddenly they get a score?it?s hard to find out if you have to go for a spectacular crash or a save but clean move.


Never mind if you go big or save, my equipment was perfect for every condition: the 85 L JP Freestyle is a small, fast turning board with an amazing POP, the Echo me Avanti Sail is incredibly light and manageable?a perfect harmony!

The PHILLIPS Tow ? In during the night was a beautiful and a cool idea, but the conditions were really hard because of the weight caused by the lights on the sail and because of not having a warm place to rest between the runs. I really got sick that night and I hope I will get well again before EFPT Brouwersdam starting!


This was the last PWA Freestyle event for the season and I am really happy to be back in the top 15 with my 13th place and I look forward to the two remaining EFPT competitions!


Describing with 3 words the?

SUP racing:  physic, fun, friends

Night Tow In: long, cold, flashy

3rd place Tow In: greatpublic, amazing, feelings

Parties: Jaklar + Beer +  Boobs