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Julien Mas

Julien on the Road

By August 12, 2015February 17th, 2016No Comments
Julien on the Road

After a windy PWA Worldcup in Fuerteventura with a nice result, an expensive flight back to Milano (Iberia charged me 300,- Euro for the Boardbag?what a nice way to spend the just earned price money?) and a night on a restaurant parking, I finally blow up my mattress on the ferry in Ancona and slept 5 hours in the afternoon, woke up for a 6 pm Beer and slept again 10 hours till we arrived in Patras.


Going on our way to Crete, Nina and me realized that we were losing lots of oil from our van…as we asked our local friend Pavlos for help, he made a call and we were pretty surprise to see only a few minutes later a full power old Greek guy drifting on a quad till our place on the beach, and repairing everything in a second! Thank you Greek garage men!

After two full power windy days on my 4.4 Avanti Echo Me, I woke up with some pain in the ass J… I will now need some Blackrole and tiger balm session, before the wind is coming back on Sunday!


Mister Meltemi came back on Sunday, but not in he’s best shape! The wind was really light and offered mostly slidemoves condition…even thought, I placed some gopros of my Avanti Sail and JP Board to film the teaser of a really passionate international project, which will see extreme sports and environment as main actors! Thank you Tomas Rozas to let me take part of this!


As the Wind is still not showing up, we decided to make a small light – wind – advice session for young motivated Freestyler! Helitacks, no-footstraps speedloops as well as one foot 360°, were partying the water! Lot of fun here at the FREAK Windsurfcenter!