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By August 10, 2016August 21st, 2016No Comments

The 2016 Condor was tested by German Surf Magazine whilst they were visiting Lake Garda.
As we are unable to publish the whole test, a quick summary of the test we can.
Roughly translated from German.

The 7.4 3 cam Condor feels as light as a regular 6.5 no-cam sail,
From the first gust the sail shows its character, by continuing to lay light in your hands but with a powerful acceleration. From the sail body there is no flattering of material or excess movement. The sail proves its worth in medium to strong wind with the highest level of Stability and speed. A clean profile and a perfect rotating sail body.

Conclusion: The Condor is a very light and comfortable sail which requires very little power from the sailor to sail effectively. The Condor especially excels in Medium to Strong wind.

To read the full test get your own copy of Surf Magazine 2016 AUGUST edition.