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Camille Juban

Camille Tenerife 2015

By August 11, 2015February 17th, 2016No Comments
Camille Tenerife 2015

This year?s second PWA event just finished in Tenerife,
Representing Avanti Sails was Camille Juban.
Camille is this year on a come-back mission following his massive injury last season, which resulted in surgery and a long rehabilitation period. Now he is fighting his way back towards the TOP where he belong and we from Avanti Sails are proud to have a rider with his raw talent on our team.


Camille reports here below from the event:

For Tenerife I had received a wild card, but I still got Ricardo Campello in the first heat of the single elimination because I had no ranking from last year. 

Getting Ricardo in the first heat is pretty tough, even if the condition were to my advantage (light wind) he manage to do a 9 point double with his  5,7 and my wave scores were not enough to carry me through.
So I kept focus and I really wanted to pass at least one heat in the double elimination.

Then I drew Graham Ezzy in the first heat of the double elimination, I didn’t felt like I was sailing well but I found good waves so I made it through.
Following this heat I was happy but with my wave scores I knew I could pass more than just one heat.

I stayed focussed and unlucky for Leon Jamaer he broke his mast in our heat but I was having a day so I still made around 30 points in this heat also.
Then I went almost straight after against Ponce who is a local from Pozo…  I knew he was going to be a tough competitor so I concentrated in the wave ride and that paid off because I passed because of that..
In my 4th heat on the double elimination I went up against Brozinho, he sailed really good and I broke my board in the heat so I lost lot of time and then I had one good scoring wave missing so I didn’t made it.

In the end I didn’t expect much, so I’m super happy with my 9th place which put me back in the PWA game 🙂 

Camille Juban