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Julien Quentel


By August 5, 2016No Comments

Julien Quentel scores his best ever Fuerteventura result after 12 years on the PWA tour, powered by Avanti Sails!
Three events in on the 2016 PWA slalom tour and Julien Quentel finds himself in a solid seventh position for the year, marking an amazing start with his new sponsors Avanti Sails and Patrik boards.
Having changed both his sail and board sponsors for this year after an epic long time with his previous sponsors, it was dubious how the young raising star would adapt. Dennis Boisen has caught up with our Man of the Hour to get his feedback on the season so far, the equipment and his view on the rest of the season.

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Hi Julien,
Firstly, massive congratulations on your result in Fuerteventura. Its been a long time since we have seen similar conditions there.. maybe not since 2012.

DB: How was it to be back on the island and did you have enough time to prepare for the insane conditions?

JQ: I arrived a week before the event to also help my friend Antony Tuenes as caddy who is on the freestyle PWA so I could train all the morning with my new gear I try all my small sails and boards to find the right setup and trim.


DB: Nine eliminations and you were in each final, either winners or losers. That is some statistic!

JQ: Yes, I was being careful on the starts not to go over early, as I felt I had enough speed and ability in the jibes to get to the finals. The first rounds are all about being top 4 to qualify for the next heat!


DB: After 12 years you get your best result ever in Fuerte and then in such conditions. It must be a great feeling!

JQ: Amazing, I feel very confident in my sailing and in my gear!


DB: This year you changed both your sail and board sponsors, after a very long time with your previous sponsors. Did it take you a long time to adjust to the new gear to get a feeling for it?

JQ: no it’s OK because I received my new Avanti Machine M4 on my home island St Martin, and was using my new sails with my old boards for the first two months. I loved the sail right away! Later I then received my new Patrik Boards to get prepared.


DB: You are now sailing the Avanti Machine M4 which is the only race sail on the market made used string membrane technology. How do you see the differences between a membrane sail and a normal monofilm sail?

JQ: for me I’m prefer the membrane sail as it is more flexible it’s more pleasant and comfortable,and you can change the flexibility If you can put more tension on the battens. The added wind range is amazing. The more wind you have in your sail the more I like it!!

FV16_sl_Pierre_Mortefon_crash (1)

DB: Your board sponsor this year is Patrik Windsurfing, how do you feel your boards and sails match up and how important is it to have a good board and a sail combination?

JQ: yes for sure you need the board have good combination with the sail. For me I like the combination with Avanti and Patrik, all the combination is really easy for me and super light.


DB: We have 3 events behind us, first being the Korea event in super light conditions, then Costa Brava again with light conditions and now we have just had Fuerteventura which was insanely windy.
Your results count two 5th places and an 18th from CB, ranking you 7th overall so far for the season. 4 events to go. How do you see the rest of the season?

JQ: I believe in my gear and once again I enjoy to be competing in the events. I try my best for finish on the good place on the overall ranking.

FV16_sl_Julien_Quentel (1)

DB: next tour stop in the Slalom event in Denmark which is a new instalment. Have you ever been there so you know what to expect?

JQ: I never go to Denmark, so it is my first time. I hope it’s windy and choppy as I like it when its more technical. All the riders go fast on the flat waters, just seat in the harness and go.

Many thanks for your time Julien and thank you for the good work you do for Avanti!