Avanti Sails 2019 lookbook


Avanti Sails is proud to introduce their new 2019 product line-up,

A collection of unique sail designs representing the very best in terms of performance, quality and craftsmanship.

Dan Kaseler “in pursuit of perfection, we do not content ourselves with the conventional. At Avanti we strive for innovation, creativity and passion, utilising the latest technologies and materials available to us. At Avanti we break new ground to achieve innovative solutions that benefit our customers requirements.¬†”

Please scroll through the 2019 lookbook here below,

by download https://avantisails.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Look-Book-2019.pdf

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  • William de Man says:

    What happend to the extreem crossbatten on the M6+ and why is it back to what it was.

    • Avanti says:

      Hi William,
      We decided to bring the cross batten down closer to the boom again, as it proved that under extreme loads the batten on the M6+ at times could start to change shape to a point where we were not able to control it. By taking the batten back down closer to the boom we have perfect hold on the profile again. The M7 represent the best solution by keeping the 2 lowest battens in our ‘traditional’ position and above boom we step the batten angles to full horizontal.

  • eduardo says:

    Sorry but not way to see the 2019 in the ipad, nothing appears

  • Eric says:

    Very excited to see the new tempest. Does it follow the philosophy of the high aspect ratio prototypes seen in the PWA? Will the boom length be shorter than last year? Thanks
    Eric (San Francisco)

    • Avanti says:

      Hi Eric,

      The Tempest will have the same aspect ratio as in the past. Batten angles and a new twist flow mark the main changes for the 2019 version of this sail.
      There is still a lot of testing into sail aspect for foil. So far we have seen that only in super smooth waters can high aspect give you an advantage, but when the seas gets choppy or rough you clearly loose the advantage.


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