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For 2023/24, Avanti revamps the Fenix in a new lush colour scheme. The HD Membrane Matrix features a super strong inner core of Aramid Fiber, distributing load, and improving handling. This product has set the industry standard, and this latest iteration builds on its rich legacy of World Wave performance.

The Fenix offers the best on/off characteristics of any sail for pure wave sailing. Sail profiles fill-in when you need drive and deflate to neutral during man oeuvres, making this range an absolute client favorite. The Fenix is all about the wave, and nothing but the wave. From the stormy onshore beaches of northern Europe, to glorious side-off conditions in the tropics, nothing quite covers the range of conditions with as much fluidity. We find this to be the best choice for modern waveboards, where extra drive is often desired from one’s sail choice.

3.2 – 3.6 – 4.0 – 4.4 – 4.8 – 5.2 – 5.6

23 Fenix

New in 2023

HD Membrane Matrix. Slightly thicker film gauges and robust fiber mapping provide maximum strength and durability.

Batten Count. Primary sail sizes set on a four batten layout providing just the right balance of skeletal structure. Large sizes benefit from a fifth batten for added stability.

Dacron Luff Panel. Wavesail performance is closely linked to overall rig elasticity. A Dacron luff panel provides an easy breathing feel. Rig the sail with a tighter leech, and still benefit from a reactive leech whether landing a back loop, or making an aggressive cutback.

Head Loading. Improved string mapping keeps the sail head under constant load ensuring the twist and drive of the sail is always under control and in place.


3.2TBATBATBA40Avanti Spine 340TBA
3.63501431240Avanti Spine 3402.4
4.0365150040Avanti Spine 3702.5
4.43801571240Avanti Spine 3702.6
4.83931652540Avanti Spine 3702.8
5.24101731250Avanti Spine 4003.1
5.64221782450Avanti Spine 4003.3

Technical Layout

23 Fenix