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For strong, committed, bottom turns in side-off conditions, and unrivaled stability in gusty conditions, nothing compares to the 2023/24 Viper. Combine this classic plan-form with an ultra-modern Twaron membrane, and you create an unrivaled synergy of cutting edge construction and classic feel. This sail remains nicely centered, without shape migration, even in the upper range. While the Viper is absolutely dedicated wavesail, it works marvelously as a cross-over on bump & jump days. If you like a lightweight, agile, ripping wavesail, grab a Viper and experience the very best.

The Viper shares many of the design characteristics of my earlier work in wavesails. What sets it apart is the unique feel of the membrane, and the associated durability and performance that is inherent to the high-concentration of strategically placed Aramid fiber. Like all Avanti products, each individual sail size is CNC strung, and laminated according to it’s own unique fiber map. While the unmatched investment in time and precision is daunting, the end result is really something special.

– Dan Kaseler

3.5 – 4.0 – 4.2 – 4.5 – 4.7 – 5.0 – 5.5 – 6.0

23 Viper

New in 2023

Hotspot Trajectories. Extra fiber density on centenary between clew and focal point of luff curve keep shape from migrating upward.

HD Membrane Matrix. Slightly thicker film gauges and robust fiber mapping provide maximum strength and durability.

Helix Leech Plys. Sine wave leech reinforcements minimize cyclical flexing along any given line and extend toughness against flutter degradation.


3.53501421240Avanti Spine 3402.30
4.0374151650Avanti Spine 3702.50
4.23811541250Avanti Spine 3702.60
4.53891582150Avanti Spine 3702.70
4.73991612050Avanti Spine 3702.90
5.04101661250Avanti Spine 4003.00
5.54251772750Avanti Spine 4003.10
6.04461871850Avanti Spine 4303.20

Technical Layout

23 Viper