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A maelstrom in the making

The new Tempest delivers the stability and speed of a Worldcup race sail in a package that features three cambers, and a freerace temperament. It’s cross-over potential is huge. The Tempest is the best cam sail for 90% of the performance market. Take it cross-wind slalom sailing one day, and the next plug it into your foil board to rip around your local venue. The new twist flow gives a steady, centered pull that will accelerate hard and unlock blistering speeds. We keep it simple and feather-light with a mid-sized luff sleeve and sensible rotation. Add to that an aerodynamic efficiency that will find you using a smaller sail than your neighbor, and you have redefined a category.

Take one custom Twaron membrane, a skeleton that includes carbon battens, Avanti Arc Cams, and world-class detailing, and you simply have a product that stands apart.

The original Tempest was shockingly good. That sail taught us that true Worldcup-level stability could be squeezed into a seven-batten sail. It drove our thinking and heavily influenced R&D since its debut. Our highly regarded Machine M-6 series was a direct descendant for good reason. In approaching the re-design, we started with an incredible foundation of success and added details, like aerodynamic batten angles, and even easier rotation. There is no question that this one is a winner.

– Dennis Boisen

Membrane Technology

We started with our own exclusive, ultra-light membrane construction. Proven, copied and ranked, our membrane is engineered to distribute loads evenly and appropriately throughout the sail skin in a way that traditional paneled sails cannot replicate. We call this Smart Load Technology; fiber and strength where you need it, weight savings where you don’t.

5.6 – 6.3 – 7.0 – 7.7 – 8.4 – 9.2

Sails Tempest 20

New in 2020

– Seven Battens. With a deduction in battens, this new skeleton is lighter, easier to rotate, and more agile.

No Sock Center Seam. Our single piece leading edge sock panel with no center sock seam reduces turbulence and adds durability.

Flow aligned Battens. The new Streamlined Design features a fanned batten layout. This new batten layout reduces drag and increases acceleration, while maintaining the stability of a more traditional cross batten position.

Twist Dynamics. Each sails size has an upgrade the overall twist profile. The scooped twist flow works in harmony with the skeleton to give the sails and easy breathing feel over a tremendous wind range.

Foot Batten Particulars. To improve rotation of the sail, foot cup has been slightly reduced to allow easier sail body rotation. Rather than kicked up, the foot and cross batten angles remain standard. Keeping this orientation, slightly more perpendicular to the foot edge, adds stability and reduces foot perimeter bounce in chop.

Head Loading. Improved string mapping keeps the sail head under constant load ensuring the twist and drive of the sail is always under control and in place.

New for 2020

Integral G-10 clew board. An integral clew stiffening board is riveted to the sailbody for superior load distribution.



5.6421176/1782373Avanti 400 RDMTBA
6.3442190/1921473Avanti 430TBA
7.0458204/2063073Avanti 430TBA
7.6476218/2201873Avanti 460TBA
8.4493228/230573Avanti 460TBA
9.2516243/2461873Avanti 490TBA

Technical Layout

Sails Tempest 20