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Viper Sail


Do you crave the hiss of a clean bottom turn and the smack of a fat lip? The Viper is a clean, light, wavesail developed for charging heavy conditions. A five batten layout keep the profiles stable and front-handed, even when overpowered. Best suited for down-the-line sailing, with good bump and jump potential, the Viper has an unsurpassed form stability. A classic outline feels natural on a wide range of boards and the robust membrane can take a punishment in the surf.

Viper Sail

Classic Wave

“With battens come stability and the ability to sail juiced up. Another key feature of the Viper is the fiber concentration in the clew to luff group. We added critical HotSpot Trajectories exactly along the contour from the clew grommet to the hot spot on the luff curve. This intensity of fiber on the catenary load path works wonders to keep shape from migrating vertically, and yields a snappy pump-ability and reactive feel.”

–Dan Kaseler

Feather Weight

  • GemTone Fiber enriches color weight and vibrancy on the water.
  • HD Membrane Matrix gives maximum strength and durability, even in brutal conditions.
Viper Sail

Performance & Durability

Rainbow Batten Trajectories. Rainbow Batten Trajectories minimize pocket stretch and ensure rigged symmetry.

Anti-Abrasion. Anti-Abrasion Silicon Bumpers prevent unnecessary wear. MicroLight Batten Tensioners provide balanced skin tension.

Viper Sail
Viper Sail

Maximum Weight Reduction

Ultra lightweight. Feather Weight Construction puts this sail’s weight 15-20% under industry standard.

Visibility. Cobra Vision Window yields good visibility while maintaining the integrity of the membrane in critical high-stress areas.

Advanced Fibers

GemTone Fiber. Enriches color weight and vibrancy on the water and ensures sails that are lighter, stronger, and more durable than the competition.

Updated Fiber Map. HotSpot clew to luff trajectories keep shape locked low and forward.

Viper Sail
Sail Foot

Lightweight Components

Nylatron Tack Pulley. Super lightweight ‘Nylatron’ tack pulley wheels save weight and allow easy downhauling.

Kevlar Reinforced Fairings. Reinforced head and tack fairings give maximum durability against abrasion.

Extended Toughness

  • Helix Leech Plys minimize cyclical flexing along a given line and extend toughness of leech.
  • Teijin 8083 luff sleeve material gives excellent durability and repels water.


3.53501421240Avanti Spine 3402.3
4.0374151650Avanti Spine 3702.5
4.23811541250Avanti Spine 3702.6
4.53891582150Avanti Spine 3702.7
4.73991612050Avanti Spine 3702.9
5.04101661250Avanti Spine 4003.0
5.54251772750Avanti Spine 4003.1
6.04461871850Avanti Spine 4303.2





Technical Layout

Viper Render