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Machine M5 slalom

Machine M-5

After my first year on Avanti Sails, I’m very pleased to take reign of the new M5. Dan has done wonders with this new evolution of the Machine. The membrane is lighter, has no speed limit, can hold more wind and is more durable than a regular monofilm construction. Let the action begin right now!
– Julien Quentel (SXM-421)

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Machine M5 slalom

Welcome to
the new Machine M-5

Coming off an impressive overall 4th place PWA ranking in the hands of Julien Quentel, the Machine program has arrived as a proven an undeniable force on the water. Based on race results, real time testing, and careful study, the Avanti design team is proud to introduce the next step in a quest for perfection.

Specific Improvements

New foot roach sits slightly higher, and can handle a wider array of board rockers while still creating an unmatched aerodynamic fence.

New luff curves and profiling add to the outstanding acceleration and blistering top end.

– A totally new fiber map moves loads further back in sail skin, better supporting upper level twist.

Machine M5 slalom
Machine M5 slalom

Performance Upgrades

Dual Pane window now extends into the sock to give rider a little more vision to leeward and ahead.

Re-worked, super-full, yet super-smooth foot batten shaping, combined with new batten profiles, keep foot batten rotation from hanging up.

Improved batten specs, create a more even foil shape throughout.

New Sizes

New 9.2 sail size reconsiders the needs of top racers and the PWA rules.

Increased shaping along the sock sew down line eliminate leeward side hardspots where sock meets sailbody.

Machine M5 slalom
Machine M5 slalom

New 3D Shaping

3D Shaping. A more blunt, draft-forward leading edge delivers forgiveness over large angles of attack, giving rider a fast wide sailing groove, especially beneficial in difficult sea states and gusty conditions.

Extra deep camber from the boom down. Full foot shaping inceases lift and drive. Extra perimeter tension below the boom and extending up the low leech eliminates unwanted twist, or blowout along foot edge.

Code Zero Luff Sleeve Material. With a balance of subtle feel and a controlled stretch profile, Avanti’s new durable sleve material from Dimension Polyant raises the bar on leading edge stability.

Light Weight Answers

Carbon Tube Battens. Ultra-light, high-performance, 3 step battens are carefully tailored to lock draft in place. Custom Nylon end fittings reduce membrane wrinkles and distortion.

Overlap Pockets. Overlapping panels create internal batten sleeves, generally 30% lighter than industry standard Dacron pockets. The innovative design creates a rigged symmetry with battens placed in the middle of the membrane, rather than on one side or the other.

Machine M5 slalom
Machine M5 slalom

Advanced Fibers

Black and Gold Twaron fiber ensure sails that are super light, low-stretch, and impact resistant.

Updated Fiber Map. HotSpot clew to luff trajectories, and more fiber on the head to tack load line keep shape locked and control twist, especially up high.

Ultra Lightweight. Feather Weight Construction puts this sails weight 15-20% under industry standard.

Performance & Durability

Neoprene Boom Opening. Extra-thin and stretchy, with a floating access zipper for easy rigging.

No Center-Seam Sock Design. A seamless sock center provides the perfect aerodynamic entry.

To know the Machine,
Consider its Pedigree.

The Machine literally launched the Avanti brand. It is still our flagship product. Over the last half decade, the Machine has redefined the market with the following leading innovations.

Avanti Firsts

First commercially available custom membrane sail in modern windsurfing.

First membrane sail to win a PWA WorldCup event and rank overall in the top five worldwide.

First modern windsurf sail to utilize an almost entirely carbon fiber batten skeleton.

First PWA slalom sail to eliminate sock center seam on a wide-body luff sock.

First membrane sail with Rainbow batten pocket trajectories to properly distribute batten load.

First production sail to use genuine Spectra webbing to reduce stretch at headcap and tack pulley.

First production race sail in modern windsurfing to utilize super smooth horizontal seam-shaping under every batten, luff to leech.

First production race sail with Avanti-style overlapped batten pockets, yielding unmatched symmetry from on either tack.

First modern windsurf sail to integrate reactive PU hot-melt adhesives in leau of seam tapes in high load areas to reduce creep.

Machine M-5 Standard Features

Machine M5 slalom

Rock Solid Skeleton

Carbon Tube Battens. Genuine Carbon tube battens in key areas provide a rock-solid skeleton.

Anti-Abrasion Silicon Bumpers, U-Channel & PVC X-Batten Strips prevent unnecessary wear.

MicroLight Batten Tensioners provide balanced loading and even skin tension.

Performance & Durability

R.1. Headcap. Extra lightweight fiber re-inforced Nylon headcap features a rotation bushing and cross compatibility with a large range of available masts.

Kevlar Reinforced Fairings give maximum durability against abrasion.

Spectra Webbing & Batten Looplets. Unbelievably low stretch Spectra webbing reduces energy loss and unwanted stretch at headcap, while Spectra batten looplets reduce batten tension migration.

Machine M5 slalom
Machine M5 slalom

Extended Toughness

Helix Leech Plys minimize cyclical flexing along a given line and extend longevity and toughness of leech.

Teijin 8083 luff sleeve material gives excellent durability and repels water.

High Load Seams Adhesive under key seams eliminate thread combing and typical luff section creep.

Performance Components

ARC Cams. The Arc Cam’s defining attribute is an extra curved sidewall which perfectly matches aerodynamic requirements at the sails’ leading edge. These well-designed cams add stability and promote smooth rotation coming out of tacks and gybes.

Warlord Nylatron Tack Pulley. Nylatron tack pulley wheels that are 40% lighter than a stainless steel equivalent reduce friction for easier down-hauling. Design is optimized for use in combination with Formuline Spectra downhaul rope.

Machine M4 arc cams


5.6420177/1792274400 RDM4.70
6.3444188/1911684430 SDM5.10
7462204/2073484430 SDM5.50
7.7478217/2212084460 SDM5.80
8.4498229/2311084490 SDM5.95
9.2523243/246584520/490 SDM6.40

Note: The 490 on the 9.2 will deliver a softer feel for lighter riders in normal conditions and for heavier riders in difficult conditions. Personal testing is recommended to find the ideal match for your sailing style and location.

Technical Layout

Machine M5 render