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Machine M4

Machine M-4

“This year marks my 12th year competing in Fuerteventura.  I am super stoked to get my career best finish in ultra-challenging conditions.  It’s really unbelievable to walk away in 5th. I’ve never been so comfortable on small gear as I am on my Avanti membranes.”

– Julien Quentel (SXM-421)

Machine M4 Hi Resolution

Slalom & Speed

Fully re-designed from the bottom up, the 2016 Avanti M-4 is rocking the slalom establishment. There is no doubt that the M-4 marks the largest step forward in the history of the sail model.  In its latest iteration, the M-4 delivers more acceleration and stability than ever, coupled with extreme durability at no cost to the feather-light package.

Featuring a radically increased profile in the bottom quarter, a higher foot, and a tighter low leech, the M-4 pulls like a truck, yet handles like an Italian super car.  In addition to the updated outline and deeper profiles, a new custom fiber map with extra hotspot trajectories does the heavy lifting to keep shape low and forward.

At the time of writing, superstar Julien Quentel is sitting on top of one the best showings in his career.

– Dan Kaseler

Updates to the
M-3 Platform

For the M-4, I had the freedom to completely rebuild my root files with everything learned about membranes over the last five years. I was able to pull core ideas from my sailmaking history, while still plugging in some super fresh stuff. There is lot’s of cool stuff going on in high performance sailing in general, and there are lots of places to look for inspiration. Our dedicated team here at Avanti put our heart and soul into this sail line and I am certain you will feel it the first time you hop on one of our membranes.

– Dan Kaseler

Machine M4

Increased Performance

Updated Fiber Map keeps profiles locked and low. Significantly more Aramid fiber placed on the primary load path from Clew to tightest spot on static luff curve. These Hotspot Trajectories keep the full foot pocket shape from migrating up the sail plan.

Dual Pane Window. Dual Pane Window yields sweeping visibility while maintaining the integrity of the membrane in critical high-stress areas.

Machine M-4
Julien Quentel Fuerteventura

New Outlines & Sizings

Completely New Outline. A higher foot and outhaul grommets eliminate water drag when fully raked. The resulting, reduced boom angle minimizes aerodynamic drag, and the higher clew grommets improv twist flow.

New Sail Sizing. The M-4 quiver comes in a new size flow to reflect modern slalom choices. Unbiased by marketing, surface areas match the sizes published and printed on the tack.

New 3D Shaping

New 3D Shaping featuring increased forward profile. A more blunt, draft-forward leading edge delivers forgiveness over large angles of attack, giving rider a fast wide sailing groove, especially beneficial in difficult sea states and gusty conditions.

Extra deep camber from the boom down. Full foot shaping inceases lift and drive. Extra perimeter tension below the boom and extending up the low leech gives decreased aerodynamic loss between sail and board deck and eliminates unwanted twist, or blowout along foot edge.

Machine M-4
Machine M4

Perfect Aerodynamics

Code Zero Luff Sleeve Material. With a balance of subtle feel and a controlled stretch profile, Avanti’s new durable sleeve material from Dimension Polyant raises the bar on leading edge stability.

Julien Quentel Fuerteventura

Avanti Standard Features

Machine M-4


– Neoprene Boom Opening. Extra-thin and stretchy, with a floating access zipper for easy rigging, water damn, and aerodynamic fairing.

No Center Seam Luff Sock. Another Avanti original. Seamless leading edge design eliminates aerodynamic bump in critical leading edge, while simultaneously fixing load and thread wear issues associated with center seam sock designs.

Ultra Light Weight

Carbon Tube Battens. Ultra-light, high-performance, 3 step battens are carefully tailored to lock draft in place. Custom Nylon end fittings reduce membrane wrinkles and distortion.

Overlap Pockets. Overlapping panels create internal batten sleeves, generally 30% lighter than industry standard Dacron pockets. The innovative design creates a rigged symmetry with battens placed in the middle of the membrane, rather than on one side or the other.

Machine M4
Machine M4

Advanced Fibers

Twaron Fiber. Genuine para-aramid fiber from Teijin ensures sails that are lighter, stronger, and more durable than the competition.

Helix Leech Ply. Quick steps up in sail stiffness or stretch characteristics create weak points. Helix leech 2-plys create an inherent gradual structural transition, minimizing wear from focused cyclical flexing most commonly associated with leech flutter.

High Load Seams Adhesive. Specialized adhesive under key seams eliminate thread combing and typical luff section creep.

Ultimate Protection

Microlight Batten Tensioners. Short, light and sweet. These custom Avanti tensioners create perfect leech loading without extra weight.

Silicon Bumpers, U-Channel & PVC X-Batten Strips. Minimalistic abrasion pads and channels protect stitching and sail areas from unwanted wear and tear.

Spectra Webbing & Batten Looplets. Unbelievably low stretch Spectra webbing reduces energy loss and unwanted stretch at headcap, while Spectra batten looplets reduce batten tension creep.

Machine M4
Machine M-4

Performance & Durability

R.1. Headcap. Extra lightweight fiber re-inforced Nylon headcap features a rotation bushing and cross compatibility with a large range of available masts.

Kevlar Reinforced Fairings. Kevlar reinforced head and tack fairings give maximum durability against abrasion.

Performance Components

– Arc Cams. Designed in four optimal sizes, the Arc Cam’s defining attribute is an extra curved sidewall which perfectly matches aerodynamic requirements at the sails’ leading edge. These well-designed cams add stability and promote smooth rotation coming out of tacks and gybes.

Warlord Nylatron Tack Pulley. Nylatron tack pulley wheels that are 40% lighter than a stainless steel equivalent reduce friction for easier down-hauling. Design is optimized for use in combination with Formuline Spectra downhaul rope.

Machine M4 arc cams


5.6418176-1782074RIVAL RDM 400TBC
6.3441188-1911384RIVAL SDM 4305.10
7.0456204-2072884RIVAL SDM 4305.50
1484RIVAL SDM 4605.80
8.4494229-232684RIVAL SDM 4905.95
9.0510240-2442285RIVAL SDM 4906.35
785RIVAL SDM 5206.75

Note: The 400 SDM on the 6.3, the 460 on the 8.4 and the 490 on the 9.6 all deliver a softer feel for lighter riders in normal conditions and for heavier riders in difficult conditions. Personal testing is recommended to find the ideal match for your sailing style and location.

Technical Layout

Machine M-4 sail render