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Condor Sail


“The Condor is the a direct descendant of our Machine M-series racing program. We set out to build a sail with the performance and top end speed of our full-on world cup sail, without sacrificing comfortable user-friendly ride-ability. Full depths down low, with a defined transition to a flat upper body, give a fast, soft, stable, feel.”

– Dennis Boisen

Condor Sail


The 2017 Condor has a freerace heritage derived directly from the Machine M-3 and M-4 development. Much like a luxury sports car allows an amateur driver to taste a full grand-prix experience, the Condor unlocks premium sailing performance with it’s mid-sized luff sleeve, three cam backbone, and ultralight Avanti membrane. It’s low stretch skin offers unmatched stability at a significant weight advantage over the competition.

Condor Sail

The Devil is
In The Details

  • GemTone Fiber enriches color weight and vibrancy on the water.
  • PRO Membrane Matrix, our lightest, competition oriented ‘layup’ also utilizing a tight fiber density for maximum stability and rip-stop properties.
  • MTS II – ‘Modal Trim System’ increases the usable range and performance by using two horizontally oriented in line clew grommets.
Condor Sail

Advanced Fibers

Ultra lightweight. Feather Weight Construction puts this sail’s weight 15-20% under industry standard.

Updated Fiber Map. HotSpot clew to luff trajectories keep shape locked low and forward.

Performance & Durability

– Neoprene Boom Opening. A seamless sock center provides the perfect aerodynamic entry. Extra-thin and stretchy, with a floating access zipper for easy rigging.

Rainbow Batten Trajectories. Rainbow Batten Trajectories minimize pocket stretch and ensure rigged symmetry.

Condor Sail
Condor Sail

Rock Solid Skeleton

Carbon Tube Battens. Genuine carbon tube battens in key areas provide a rock-solid skeleton. Graduated batten layout tailored to sail sizing.

Anti-Abrasion. Anti-Abrasion Silicon Bumpers prevent unnecessary wear. MicroLight Batten Tensioners provide balanced skin tension.

Performance Components

Nylatron Tack Pulley. Super lightweight ‘Nylatron’ tack pulley wheels save weight and allow easy downhauling.

ARC Cams. Add stability and promote smooth rotation coming out of tacks and gybes.

Condor ARC Cams

Extended Toughness

  • Helix Leech Plys minimize cyclical flexing along a given line and extend toughness of leech.
  • Teijin 8083 luff sleeve material gives excellent durability and repels water.
  • Kevlar reinforced head and tack fairings for maximum durability against abrasion.


5.8431178/188373RIVAL 430 / Poweride 400 / 4304.50
6.6448197/2072073RIVAL 430 / Poweride 4304.90
7.4467211/221973RIVAL 460 / Poweride 4605.10
8.2490223/233273RIVAL 490 / Poweride 4905.40
9.0506227/2471883RIVAL 490 / Poweride 4905.90

Technical Layout

Condor Render